Master Kitchen ovens combine highly innovative technologies with traditional functions, so that you can cook up healthy and tasty dishes effortlessly and with low energy consumption.


With a Master Kitchen oven you can cook several dishes at the same time, steam, speed up the cooking process with microwaves. Or you can experiment with the endless possibilities offered by the combination of these and traditional cooking functions, discovering the one that is most suitable for your recipes.

The cooking process alone isn’t everything. User-friendliness, safety and cleanliness are equally important factors when choosing your perfect oven: one that doesn’t make you waste time or cause you any worry.

Intuitive programming

Programming and setting the operating parameters of our ovens is easy and quick, thanks to the mechanical or electronic and touch control modes.

Mechanical programmer

Three different knobs to set temperature, time and cooking functions, with the option of programming the end. At the end of the set amount of time, the oven switches off automatically and an audible signal tells you that the food is done.

Electronic and touch programmer

If you would like a high performance oven and simple to use controls, you have two options. The first combines two knobs with the digital touch screen: the cooking functions are selected manually, whereas the screen is used to set the start, duration and end of cooking and to monitor the operating parameters. The second is the more advanced solution: all of the settings are made through touch controls and the operating parameters are fully displayed.

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