Induction hobs

Used for years in the professional world, electric induction hobs are the new frontier in home cooking. Flavours and results are no different than witwh traditional hobs, whereas the cooking performance is superior.


The smooth glass-ceramic surface of the induction hob does not only improve user experience, but also brings innovation and a contemporary feel to the kitchen.

  • Slide controls

    From minimum to maximum with one finger: simply slide your hand over the controls to set the power of the cooking zones. Progressive LED lights show the selected power level.

  • Easy cleaning

    Induction hobs are easy and quick to clean because the surface is perfectly smooth, flat and with no gaps.


  • Power management

    To solve the issue of energy compatibility, some models in our induction range offer the option of adjusting the input power down to levels below 3 kW.

  • Smart technology

    Through magnetic induction, the system heats only the base of the pan: thereby reducing cooking times and increasing energy efficiency.

Burner control

Thanks to the Bridge function, the plan can be configured to suit your needs. The 6 cooking zones can become 3 double, unifying the touch controls and simplifying the interface with the hob.

Induction hobs