The properly store fresh and frozen food is a main feature of every kitchen. The Master Kitchen range takes an innovative approach to this essential need offering low consumption.

  • Total No Frost

    Total No Frost fridges stand out thanks to one of the most efficient food preservation solutions. Both the freezer and the fridge compartments are supplied with cold and dry air that is appropriately filtered to remove moisture. Two independent cooling systems that offer optimal conditions: the right degree of moisture in the fridge compartment and no risk of frost in the freezer.

  • No Frost

    This is a cooling system that cyclically filters the moist air contained in food, preventing frost from forming. Without moisture, the air remains cool and dry, frozen food lasts longer and the freezer never needs to be defrosted.

  • An appliance like the fridge, which is always running, has a significant impact on the household’s energy consumption and family finances. Due to their low consumption, our fridges belong to energy classes E and F.

    Energy class, combined with the climate class, certifies the well-functioning of your household appliances even at very high ambient temperatures, to ensure optimal conservation even in the most extreme conditions.

  • Ventilated fridges

    A fan evenly distributes the cold air and humidity required to preserve food correctly. Food lasts longer and the temperature of the compartments is quickly restored when the door is opened often.

  • Internal temperature

    To quickly set the temperature inside the fridge simply use the cursor to select one of the options, Winter, Normal or Summer: a user-friendly way to adjust the temperature by choosing the most suitable one for the season.

  • Super cooling

    The super cooling function quickly cools fresh food inside the fridge compartment. It also keeps the temperature down for perfect food preservation.

  • Super freezing

    The super freezing function very rapidly freezes fresh food that is placed inside the freezer: it is very helpful when placing large amounts of food or drinks in the freezer. At the end of the process the freezer goes back to its initial function.


  • Oversized drawers

    The fruit and vegetable drawers are much larger than normal, for more efficient organisation of the space inside the fridge.

  • Tempered glass shelves

    Spacious, elegant, strong and easy to clean, the glass shelves allow you to see the entire contents of the fridge at a glance.

From flush mount to freestanding, each fridge is different, to adapt to the various practical and aesthetic needs of the kitchens they will be placed in.

  • Flush mount

    Flush mount fridges are designed to fit into the kitchen cabinets.

  • Freestanding

    Featuring fine finishes and materials, the freestanding fridges naturally complement the kitchen furniture, assuring aesthetic consistency and function.

LED lights

The LED lights offer excellent lighting of the shelves, they are long-lasting and assure low energy consumption.