Elegant and functional, hoods help making the air in the room healthier and more pleasant, both during and after cooking.


Sometimes cooking produces steam and smells that make the room stuffy. Decorative hoods are a crucial complement to allow your kitchen to breathe.

  • Smart controls

    Mechanical or electronic, the controls of our hoods make it possible to manage every function simply and intuitively, from programmed switch-off to intensive function.

  • Filter maintenance

    Each hood features a dishwasher-safe aluminium filter. The labyrinth surface protects the functional parts of the hood by filtering the grease particles.The purpose of the active carbon filter, on the other hand, is to retain the odours produced during cooking. This type of filter is available as an optional accessory with all Master Kitchen hoods.


Correct installation for the ideal hood

In order for the hood to be functional and efficient, it needs to be centred over the cooktop, at a specific distance from it. For correct operation the minimum distance from induction hobs is 55 cm, whereas the maximum distance from gas hobs is 65 cm.

  • Our hoods are efficient: they feature low energy consumption and are simple and intuitive to use.

    They are noiseless: they operate quietly even at top speed, because the kitchen needs to be the bestsetting for a conversation.


  • LED light

    To light up the hob, the hood is fitted with low consumption LED lights.

  • Energy efficiency

    Our hoods are designed with great attention to energy consumption, to light efficiency, to noise and to air filtering and cleaning capacity.