Thanks to advanced performance and low consumption, anyone who loves cooking no longer needs to worry about doing the washing-up.


In keeping with the evolutions of taste and design our dishwashers are designed to enhance every kitchen, even the most modern ones.

Choice materials and innovative components mean our dishwashers are unrivalled in terms of performance, consumption and noise.

  • Flush mount

    The flush mount dishwasher is designed to fit into the units of any kitchen.

  • Freestanding

    Freestanding dishwashers cater for people who prefer unstructured kitchens.


  • Ad hoc installation

    With the new door installation system, the flush mount models fit perfectly in modern kitchens with low plinth, whereas freestanding dishwashers with removable top can be placed under the kitchen counter.

  • BLDC motor

    Brushless, or BLDC, is a high efficiency motor with constant output. Unlike conventional motors, it works continuously at variable speed, without friction nor electromagnetic noises. Electronically controlled, it can be monitored at all times.

  • Racks

    Grids and tilting racks allow you to arrange items of any size in the best way to make the most of the space. The third rack, when included, is designed for cutlery and kitchen tools.

  • Advanced programs

    Our dishwashers feature state-of-the-art electronics making it possible to manage every step of the washing process, even with half load, saving water and energy.

  • Our dishwashers are flexible and smart home appliances thanks to spotless cleaning results, the great variety of programs and the streak-free drying system.

    Safety is guaranteed by cutting-edge devices that safeguard even the most critical parts of the product.


  • Delay timer

    This function prevents consumption from exceeding 3 kW when the dishwasher is used at the same time as another appliance and programs switch-on in the cheapest time bands, thereby reducing waste.

  • Safety

    The double supply hose and the overflow device are designed to stop and discharge water immediately in case of failures and accidental breakage. What is more, the acquastop device closes the water supply tap in case of accidental spillage.

Our dishwashers